Polyester Resins

Polyester resins

  • Summit Ortho PR32M is a pre-accelerated, wax free, fast curing, orthophthalic polyester resin suitable for general moulding in both spray and hand laminating applications. PR32M featurers good wet-out, high mechanical strength and rapid cure ensuring a shorter demoulding time.
  • Scott Bader Crystic 301 LSE is a pre-accelerated, Low Styrene Emission, orthophthalic polyester resin. Crystic 301 LSE is designed for application by spray, roller or brush in contact moulding. It has a low exotherm temperature, which allows laminates up to 3mm in thickness to be laid-up in one operation without excessive heat being generated.
  • Scott Bader Crystic Iso 491PA is a versatile pre-accelerated, isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin developed for the production of laminates for use in a wide range of critical applications where a tough high-performance water and chemical resistant resin is required.

Orthophthalic polyester resin

Scott Bader Crystic 301 LSE & Iso 491PA Polyester Resins